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The Kiddy Orchestra began as a unique and avant-garde project founded in 2009 in Damascus, Syria, by musician, Karoun Baghboudarian. The project began with 8 children and it had grown up to 100 in its second year. The first year, the instruments were simple materials transformed and crafted by the children themselves (like spoons, bottles, ice cream sticks) to replace the musical instruments. In the second year all the children were playing already on flute recorders and glockenspiels and some of them on some instruments of the orchestra (violin-cello-flute-clarinet), the third year almost all the children were playing on instruments of the orchestra. In June 2015 they presented their 5th annual concert.

The project derives from my general interest in teaching especially for young children and my passion for music.

I am totally devoted to promoting a healthy world for children full of innovation, discovery and freedom. This world shall combine fun with responsibility, creating a musical community based on solid scientific and academic bases. This is where my idea for creating the “Kiddy Orchestra” came from.

Nobody can ignore the importance of the music in brain capabilities, concentration, body’s coordination and social skills development. According to scientists, musical training increases brain volume and strengthens communication between brain areas. Playing an instrument changes how the brain interprets and integrates a wide range of sensory information, especially for those who start before age 7.

In this age, they are plain of energy, imagination and the competence to learn everything we offer them in an interesting way.

The Kiddy Orchestra is an endless project. The project purpose is to make music together by exploring play-based musical education (rhythms, concepts, melodies, songs, movement, performance). It focuses on engaging young children with their creativity through having fun and music based playing. We will find the immediate results by the children reaction and behaviour.

The criteria for success will be measured by its continuation and growth and by the benefits on the musical and social levels achieved in the community.

At the end of their path at the Kiddy Orchestra, the participating kids are prepared to start their musical studies with joyful memories and solid background.